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I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday filled with family, friends, and fun (may as well throw in food too!). Sorry I've been a little silent here on the blog, things have been very busy! There are so many homes on the market right now and new ones coming everyday. I'll have 2 new listings for you after the beginning of the year- keep your eyes open!


In the meantime, I ran across this article and thought it was too good not to share. I always look at houses and think "My house could never look like that. My house is too standard. Cookie Cutter." Well, HGTV has taken a cookie cutter house and proved that it can definitely have a classy, glamorous and personalized look. It's amazing what lighting upgrades, crown molding, and small kitchen upgrades (glass in cabinet doors, vent hood, etc.) can do! So check this out! 


Full article here.




With the holidays coming up, I know that many people are expecting overnight guests. As exciting as holidays and guests can be, I often stress a bit to make sure that my guests' stay at my home is pleasant. I figured I can't be the only one who stresses a bit about guests, right? So here's 15 tips HGTV has round up to show you how to have you guest room become a wonderful retreat.


A few of my favorites: 


Fresh flowers. They're my favorite. I love having fresh flowers out! 


Help them feel at home. Provide extra blankets and pillows in case they need them! 

 Here's the full article with the rest of the tips. 

Are you expecting overnight guests for the holidays? Tell me what you do to make their stay at your home less stressful for you and more enjoyable for them! 

 P.S.: I have more holiday tips and events chronicled here and here.

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