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2014 U.S. Senior Open Coming To Edmond, OK

How exciting is this? The 2014 U.S. Senior Open will be hosted by Oak Tree National Golf and Country Club this July! Not only can you buy tickets to watch, you can volunteer to help and you can host groups to entertain while you enjoy the tournament!


Here's where you can buy tickets, volunteer, and reserve a group. Exciting things are happening in Edmond- don't miss out!



Why You Shold Be Keeping Up With The Joneses

Go look up and down your street... I'll wait. OK did you? Were you that house? Come on. You know the one.  The one that has the gutters hanging off? The one whose mailbox has been backed into one too many times? I sincerely hope you are not, otherwise you have your work cut out for you! Keeping up with the Joneses isn't always condoned, but when it comes to taking care of your house, it should be. You can't expect your house to sell for the same price as others in your neighborhood if they're all in great condition and yours is lacking. CNN has come up with a nice article detailing some ways you can make sure your house is keeping up. Check it out here.


This doesn't mean to make frivolous decisions. For example, don't do a $20,000 renovation on a $120,000 house. But yes, keep your house up to date with your neighborhood. It will make it easier to sell, keep your neighbors happier (for it selling for a higher price oh.. and for your mailbox not looking ridiculous), and just keep your house in overall better condition. Happy keeping up!

When you are ready to sell, let me know and we'll try to get top dollar for your home! 

How To Cut The Cost Of Maintaining Your Home

Home maintenance is very important. However, home maintenance can sometimes be a little bit like the last thing you want to do. Well, here's some ideas for you! CNN has put together a couple ways you can cut the cost of maintaining your home. They may cost more upfront, but will be better in the long run. Here's a few that I liked:


Quartz Countertop: 


Quartz doesn't need the yearly maintenance that granite and marble need. It will also, if chosen wisely, outlive most things in your kitchen! 

 Vinyl Fencing:


Vinyl fencing does require the repainting and sealing that a traditional wood fence does every few years. It also comes with longer warranties.

 Fiberglass entry doors:


These are 3 times as energy efficient as wood, add value to your house, and come with a lifetime warranty! Also? They're pretty. 

So there you have it. Making your home more efficient with less maintenance! CNN has several more tips here

Any other questions or updating ideas? Let me know


Move to Norman!

Carrying on from Wednesday when I talked about Edmond and CNN's best 100 small cities brings us to today's feature: Norman!


 It's easy to understand why Norman is so loveable. Check out the stats CNN had on it here. Thinking a move to Norman is good for you? Let me know



Move To Edmond!

I was browsing on CNN's list of America's best 100 small cities. Of course I ran across a handful of Oklahoma cities! I will be writing about each of them over the next few blog posts, so stay tuned. And today's is, of course, Edmond!


Edmond truly is a great community. CNN had some great statistics on it, check those out here. Thinking of moving to Edmond? Let me know, I'm happy to help!