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Featured Listing: 8117 NW 81st

This listing at NW 81st street is great! This makes a wonderful family home- it has 4 large bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms, and lots of updates throughout!




The Living room is large with built ins and a fireplace




 Formal Dining looking into Living Room



The updated kitchen is modern and spacious! 




 It also has an eat in area and a built in desk





All bedrooms have a lot of space! Like this one, for example, has plenty of room for a queen size bed, a desk, and a drumset! 

Drumset not included. :)



 All bathrooms have updates. The master has great new tile work.



 Think this house could work for you? Let me know! It's a wonderful home that shouldn't be passed up!



Tuesday To-Dos

Thinking it's about time to sell? Well, obviously first let me know so I can help you! But then check out this great to-do list of things you should be doing to get your house ready to sell!



 Hope this was helpful to you, let me know of any other questions you may have!



Crafty Ways To Add Closet Space

Who doesn't need more closet space? Regardless of what we have, I think everyone wishes they had more! Here are a few crafty ways to create more!



The easiest way to add storage is through a wardrobe- beautiful and functional!





Another great way is to frame out a closet. Shelving makes it functional and being open keeps it organized!





And always, go with built-ins. A place for everything, and everything in it's place.

Here's the article detailing these closet spaces and a few more. Maximize your space and enjoy it!





The Homes Of Talk Show Hosts

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrity or favorite talk show host's house looks like? Well here is a peak at a few!


Guess which funny guy lives here? 



 Yep, Jimmy Fallon

 And which favored daytime talk show host lives here?




 Home of Ellen DeGeneres

 And who owns this beautiful colonial? 




Conan O'Brien

Always fun to look at celebrities homes! Check the details prices of these homes here



Romantic Rooms You Won't Want To Leave

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought we could all enjoy the looks of some romantic rooms... Here are a few of my favorites!









Find the rest of these romantic rooms here. Hope you enjoy a lovely  Valentine's Day!



'Tis The Season...

It's that time of year again- taxes! Whether you do them yourself, get advice from someone else (thanks mom) or have help from a pro, don't miss out on the tax breaks that homeowners get!



Mortgage interest: 

Most beneficial in early years of the mortgage. You can claim this on primary and secondary mortgages as long as the loan is under one million dollars. 


Property taxes: 

 Figure out what you paid in property taxes in 2013 (get this from your lender) and enter that amount on your federal form. It must be an itemized expense. 


Home improvements: 

Save those receipts! If you improved your house in any way, this will help lower your taxes when you sell. 


 Let's be real for a minute: taxes aren't my forte. Want me to help you buy/sell a home? Let's talk. I will rock that. Taxes? Nope. So, find the full article about Homeowner benefits regarding taxes here giving your more info and advice. Good luck!





Featured Listing: 1001 Glenridge Drive

This great Edmond property is the perfect home. It has 2750 sqft. 4 large bedrooms, 2 and a half updated bathrooms, and many more updates throughout.


 It has beautiful wood floors in most of the home and boasts several built ins and lots of storage! 




It also has a large kitchen with an island, updated counters, cabinets, and great appliances. 


 This home also has a great backyard! A large covered porch, huge yard, and a pool? I'll be over this summer, thanks!


 This is a wonderful family home and is move in ready! Let me know if you'd like to see it in person!

New Development in NW OKC

A large new Development is headed to NW OKC. It will have hotels, restaurants, shops (Costco please!), music and entertainment venues and much more!


Check out the full article here to find out more details! 


10 Tips For Buyers And Sellers In 2014

2014 is already looking like a great year to invest in real estate! House prices are expected to rise 4-5% in 2014. So if you're ready to buy? Let's get on it! And thinking of selling? Well you can start the prep work now! MSN has gathered 10 tips to help either side of the process along. Here are a couple of my favorites:


For Buyers: 

Get Credit Ready




   - It's great to go into the buying process pre-approved. Therefore, if you need to make an offer quickly (or when you make one at all), that letter will help to insure the seller that you are a reliable buyer. If you need a recommendation for a great lender, don't hesitate to ask your real estate agent.

For Sellers:

Start Now! 




   - Putting your house on the market seems to always take longer than people expect. So go ahead and prepare early: clean, touch up paint, think about having any special things checked by professionals (pools, additions, etc.), landscape. So when you are ready to list, your house is ready to!


The rest of the article has many other great tips for buyers and sellers, check it out here! When you're ready to buy or sell, let me know, I'm happy to help! 




Hidden Costs Of Buying A Home

As with most major purchases, there are some hidden costs in purchasing a new home! I found this great infographic detailing those costs. Note that some of these are potential fees, some are required fees, and some are grants and exemptions. Just an estimate- but definitely something to be thinking about!


When you are ready to purchase your new home, I'm here to help