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2014 Home Projects With BIG Bang For Your Buck

January may be winding down, but it's still very much a new year. Hopefully one of your goals this year is to maintain (or maybe even update) your home! A few updates can go a long way. They will make your house a happier place for you and also help you to list your house for more when you are ready to sell! Here's a few updates that will be the most bang for your buck in 2014.


- Add a wood deck

   Wood decks are generally more popular than composite decks with buyers. Make it spacious with minimal built-ins. 

 - A minor kitchen remodel

   You don't need to do the whole shebang: countertops, floors, backsplash. Just pick one or two things to update. Definitely look at making appliances match, preferably stainless steel. 




 -Make a statement in the bathroom

   Paint your vanity, update counter top (ideally it won't cost too much if it's a smaller bathroom, like the guest bath), or update paint. People like updated bathrooms so don't skimp there! 



 There are  more ideas in this article. Make it a priority to take care of your house this year, and maybe go out on a limb and do some fun updates! When you're ready to sell, let me know!

Top 10 Real Estate Market surprises

I always love when cities in Oklahoma rank well on national Real Estate lists- but when two cities from Oklahoma rank? Well, that's just really awesome! You never have to convince me that Oklahoma is amazing (both as a home and as a real estate market), but this list shows it pretty well as well.


 It says "If you want to find the fastest growing real estate markets in 2014, you need to look for local economies with growing employment." And Oklahoma City and Tulsa obviously meet and exceed those requirements to land them on the list at number 6 and number 9. Check out the whole article here to see exactly what they said about them.


When you're ready to invest in these real estate markets, make sure to let me know, because I'm ready! 



I could come here and tell you how busy I've been, or I can let this article do it for me! This article lists the top 10 Perfect Suburbs. And number one? You guessed it, Edmond, Oklahoma.


The market has stayed true to form and has kept me very busy lately (for which I am extremely grateful!). So check out this article and keep your eyes peeled for a new listing coming from me tomorrow!


 Full article here.

 Owning a home in Edmond is clearly a wonderful investment right now. When you're ready to start your own search, check here or contact me for more info!




Happy 2014!

I hope you all rang in the New Year with the ones you love and a smile on your face!

 I thought I'd share this information for you all regarding 2014 Real Estate Predictions.Courtesy of Zillow.



It will be easier for buyers to get a mortgage in 2014? That sounds awesome! When you're ready to buy, come search here! And home values going up? When you're ready to sell, let me know! I'm always happy to help. Here's to an exciting 2014! 






What the "American Dream Home" costs in 10 different cities!

I recently found this very interesting article. I have always known that our cost of living in Oklahoma is definitely something to be grateful for. But, man, this article really drove that into the ground. This is a list of 10 cities and what it costs to buy a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in that city. Very interesting information. And makes me even more grateful that a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in the Oklahoma City Metro Area does not cost over $1,000,000!



Great Neck, NY. $1.6 mil.

Hopefully this article (find it in its' entirety here) will prove to you that the cost of living (and house buying) in Oklahoma is so lucrative! You can always check my website for current houses on the market! Happy house hunting!