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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! In case you haven't quite finalized your trick-or-treating plans for the evening, I've rounded up a few of the events going on around town this evening that you can check out (and get some candy out of- duh!). Have a fun and safe Halloween!



What: Spring Creek Community Candy Rock Block Party

Where: Spring Creek Plaza (15th and Bryant in Edmond)

When: 5-8

Music, Inflatables, Talent Show and Candy of course! 


What: Haunt the Zoo

Where: The Oklahoma City Zoo

When: 6:30-8:30

$7 per child, adults are free. Last night for this year! 


What: Boofari at Tiger Safari

Where: Tiger Safari (in Tuttle)

When: 10-5

Pumpkin Patch, tram ride and children's zoo!


 And of course there are plenty of neighborhood Halloween celebrations.  Check to see if your neighborhood home owners association has a facebook page and if they posted their Halloween activities! Have fun, be safe, and eat way too much candy!



Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are always a big selling point in houses. Here are some cost effective ways you can remodel yours for your own enjoyment and also for future sales.


- New Flooring

   You can get new tiles at a really nice price per sqft. You can install them yourself, or have someone do it for you. Either way, with probably a small to medium amount of sqft in the bathroom, you shouldn't break the bank. 



- New Light Fixtures

   New light fixtures can go a long way. Outdated ones really set the tone for the space. And you get really nicely priced ones to update your space! 


- Resurfacing a Bathtub

   Chipped enamel or an outdated colored tub can be really off-putting to a buyer. Consider having a company come resurface your bathtub for a cost efficient facelift! 


Bathrooms  can really make or break a deal. Consider updating yours to make buyers happy. And if nothing else, update it for yourself! A nice updated bathroom, a bubble bath and some Michael Buble playing? Sounds dreamy.








The Island

Kitchen islands are great, right? Not only are they functional, adding prep and counter space to your kitchen, they add beautiful character! This article about ways to update and decorate your kitchen island is full of beautiful ideas. Enjoy!


 Source and full article


The Laundry Room- It's Loads of Fun

The title- see what I did there? Ok, laundry isn't fun. It's actually far from fun. However, decorating and organizing a laundry room can be fun! I recently did this to ours, and had more fun doing it than I've ever had folding a load of clothes. That's a fact. Anyways, I thought you lovely readers might also be interested in how to organize your utility room so that it is pretty and functional. Check out this graphic from The Decorating Gods at Pottery Barn with some great tips.



And with some of those great tips in mind, check out these laundry room eye candies (yes, laundry room eye candy, it's a real thing). 



 I love stacked washer/dryer.



 That blue paint color is fabulous.


Laundry isn't the most fun thing in the world, but we all have to do it! So, it may as well be in a pretty room! Wash, dry, fold, repeat. 




Living in your child-filled home

Many of my family and friends are adding to their families recently (as in, I know of 2 precious babies born this weekend). So when I stumbled across this article of how to decorate your house like you have a baby, but still claim it as your house, I figured it was too good not to share with you. Enjoy. And make sure to share your own baby-proofing/decorating tips and/or questions!


 Full Article



Smelly Cat.... Smelly Cat

Please, please, tell me you sang that title when you read it. Ok, good, proceed. I've said before that smells in the home can be a deal breaker for the buyers.


My pooch not hard at work

So, when I found this great article on how to de-pet your home before selling, I just had to share. It talks about everything from carpeting, to hardwoods, to walls. Before you check it out, and to show you another adorable picture of my pup, look at our favorite way to relax.


 And now, off to vacuum some pet hair. Find the article here. Let me know of more questions or ideas about de-petting your home before you sell. Or, of course check out some vendors to give you a hand! 



Work It Out

This is a spontaneous post, based off of a Google search I made earlier today... looking promising, right? It was "how to decorate around a treadmill". I'm not really looking to "decorate" around my treadmill, just disguise it, I suppose. However, as I sifted through different responses and ideas, I had two thoughts. 1- I can't be the only one wondering how to live with exercise equipment. And 2- Look at all of the awesome workout rooms! So this is kind of a two part post.


1- Most everything said, "Eh, you can't really disguise it. Embrace it. Living with exercise equipment out keeps you more likely to use it." My treadmill is in my office. Pretty much, the best way to get it out of the way is to fold it up. It works for me, clears up floor space. I could use a room divider type of thing to cover it, but that kind of screams "Pretend you don't know there's a treadmill behind here!" So, oh well. I can easily roll it out and use it when I need, and get it out of the way when I don't. Even if it's not out of sight. 

2- My treadmill may currently be residing in my office, but that doesn't have to keep a girl from dreaming of one of these awesome exercise rooms, am I right? Check these out. 







Do you have any decorating distractors that you have to navigate around? 




Home Improvements That Pay YOU Back

There are some home improvements that might not pay off (i.e. putting wood floors in the office... not that I'm lobbying for that or anything). On the flip side (and the side we should focus more on), there are several renovations that WILL pay you back when you go to sell. So if you're thinking to sell, itching to upgrade something, or just thinking in the long term, think about updating these things that will add value to your house!


-Front Entry

         I've said before, that sprucing up your front entry way is very important. It sets the tone for visitors  and potential buyers. Power wash or paint. And if you need a new front door, it might be a good time to. Not only will it be a little face lift, but it's also good for energy consumption and weather. 




- New Windows

         Replacing windows in a pain, but it is definitely a strong selling point. Especially in older homes, buyers will definitely appreciate new windows. 

- Kitchens

         Kitchens pay off big time. An updated kitchen is often a make-or-break situation for many buyers. A full renovation isn't always necessary, just updated counters and appliances helps a lot. 





- Bathrooms

         Along with kitchens, people appreciate updated bathrooms. Choose a neutral and classic color scheme and you'll be sure to have grateful buyers. 

Have fun with your updates, and make sure you get time to enjoy it too! Let me know of any questions about other updates or for suggestions of who can help you with the updates! 




Cabinet Painting Tutorial

Since the bread and butter of an updated house usually lies in the kitchen (and we talk about it a lot) I thought we could use some tips on how to! Young House Love is a fantastic go-to for all things home. So I automatically turn to them for a good tutorial. And of course, they have a great one on painting cabinets. Be sure to check it out. I mean... they're pretty credible. They took their kitchen from this...
 this. Mostly themselves. Pretty amazing stuff, right? 



Full tutorial here. 



All. Things. Pumpkin.

I don't know if you've noticed or not (read: have you been living under a rock?) but somehow, when October hits, the stars all align and everyone go crazy for pumpkin. Crazy, I tell ya.

Lucky for you, HGTV round up a whole page dedicated to pumpkins! Yes, it has come to this. I'm talking pumpkin recipes, pumpkin painting, pumpkin decorating, pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin, pumpkin. My favorites are the pumpkin painting and the carving templates, what about yours? Let me know!



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