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Moving? Check out these packing tips!

Ready to move? Here’s a few tips for packing your house!



You’ve found a house. You’ve negotiated a price. Your offer is ACCEPTED! How exciting! Now…. Time to pack. Oh yeah… pack. Here’s a few tips to hopefully make packing somewhat stress free and make unpacking as streamlined as possible!

-    As opposed to packing similar items together, pack things from the same room together. Living room, master bedroom, etc. That way, when you’re unpacking you’re able to empty boxes faster. Most likely, everything from your old kitchen will go in your new kitchen. And you won’t have 4 full boxes of decorations that could go anywhere. The faster you empty the boxes, the quicker their out of your way!

-    Plan ahead for the big stuff. Hire a moving company to do the big things. While you’re at it, think if you’re going to take apart your desk or bed beforehand. This can save the movers time (read: your money). However, if it’s worth it to you, they can take them apart. Generally, if they take something apart, they put it back together.




-    Label your boxes. Seems like a no brainer. However, there’s a couple tricks to remember in this. Don’t label the top of the box. Yes, that’s the easiest place to label. However, stack a few boxes, and you can’t read which room they go to. Write it on the side near the top. Another tip: pack one box with moving essentials. Screwdrivers, scissors, toilet paper, soap and dish towels. Label this box “Open First”. Voila.

-    Think of what you can leave behind. Don’t literally leave them behind at your old house. Just use this time to inventory your belongings and see what you can do without. Donate these things to Goodwill or have a garage sale!

An organized packing system will make it easier to unpack, which makes the whole moving process quicker! So, pack thoughtfully, unpack efficiently, and enjoy your new home! 





Let's carve some pumpkins!

My family has an awesome tradition of a pumpkin carving party every year. It is so much fun (and usually in honor of my birthday, ahem). All you need is family and/or friends, dinner (potato soup preferably), and pumpkins. Here are a several templates so that your pumpkin can win the contest! Yes, of course it's a contest. Have fun!


These templates and many more available here! 

I hope you enjoy fall, Halloween and Pumpkin Carving as much as I do! Have fun with it! 





First time homebuyer? Avoid these mistakes!

4 Mistakes to avoid if you’re a first time homebuyer!


-    Finding your dream home before you’ve been prequalified

o    Don’t set yourself up for potential disappointment. Such a hard thing to avoid- you decide it’s time to buy, start searching a bit, fall in love with a gorgeous house, and then figure out you can’t qualify for it, or even anything close to it. Avoid this mistake and get prequalified first. You will find a house in your price range that you will fall in love with. Before you go to the bank, you can even use some calculators for an approximate prequalification amount.


-    Thinking short term

o    Don’t just think about being in this home for the next 2 years. Think long term. Think about the neighborhood, the schools, and the proximity. Even if those things aren’t important to you now, they could be in the future. They also are very important when you do go to sell the home, whether it’s 4 years down the road or 14.


-    Getting emotional

o    Buying a house is extremely stressful. Just make sure you don’t base your house purchase on loving the paint colors, while overlooking something important like a bad location. Remember, you can always change the inside, you can never change your location. And you do not want to get into a financial mess because you fell in love with  the layout of the house, but overlooked the mold in the laundry room.


-    Overlooking hidden costs

o    Other than a down payment, you also need to think of closing costs. They can be negotiated between you and the seller. But it’s best to prepare for them early on. Also keep in mind some monthly costs other than a mortgage. There are utility costs and maintenance, and there could be repairs and renovations as well.


Have more questions or concerns? Let me know about them! Buying a house for the first time can be scary, but my goal is to make it as easy and stress-free for you! 


Happy Happy Fall!

Hey- happy fall, y'all! Let's be honest, who isn't excited about fall? Cooler temps, football, holidays coming... the list goes on and on! And to get you excited about the first holiday, Halloween, enjoy a few inspirational decorating pictures. You can find the full article here with plenty of ideas!


Who doesn't want this wreath? 





 I make some variation of these pumpkins every year. A fun, festive craft!


I hope you are as excited for fall as I am! If fall brings you to decisions about buying a new house or selling yours, give me a ring. If not, I hope you thoroughly enjoy decorating yours to the fullest! 








Drool-worthy outdoor fireplaces.

It's been a busy week for Nix Realty Source! However, I stumbled upon this article of pictures of outdoor fireplaces that I thought they would be helpful and inspirational to potential buyers and sellers! I said a few days ago in a blog post that buyers are looking for inviting outdoor entertaining spaces.

So enjoy looking at these pictures and thinking of how your backyard or future backyard can be a relaxing and welcoming area!

Click here for picture slideshow





Small Changes To Make Before Listing Your House For Sale

Here are a few things for you to consider before you decide to list your house for sale.


-    Repair Your Entryway

o    Your main entry is the first thing people see when visiting. Keep up with some basic landscaping, power wash your brick or siding, and sweep the porch. Make sure that, before people even walk in, they love your house already!



-    Patch Nail Holes and Repaint

o    When people move into a home, they want it to feel  fresh and “theirs”. Meaning, they don’t want to see where you used to hang your wedding pictures or your children’s’ drawings. As wonderful as that was for you, it’s best to repair
them so that your house can become someone else’s home! Isn’t that the goal?


-    Ditch the Smells!

o    Smells are a serious deal breaker. I remember being young and my mom saying “we can’t buy this house… It smells like cat.” No offense to all of my readers who are cats. I love you all. But seriously, deep clean. If you had a cat or a smoker living in the house, deeper clean. You might have to repaint, or be prepared to replace carpet. Smells seem to stick around in houses, so make sure yours is presentable!


-     Stop faucet drips

o    Yes, my faucet is currently going “drip… drip”. However, I’ll adhere to my own advice and fix it before we sell! You can buy a faucet rebuild kit for fairly cheap at your local hardware store or have a handyman do it for you. Potential buyers definitely do not want to be worrying about plumbing problems. Don’t stress them with a leaky faucet!  Go ahead and fix it.  


Feel free to contact me with any other questions, or use other professionals to help you with preparing your house to sell!




What Buyers Are Looking For

Are you looking to sell? Make sure you know what current buyers are looking for so that you can market your house in the best way possible!


-    Open Living Areas

o    People love open living spaces. They want to be able to put out dinner  in the dining room while they entertain in the family room. Or keep an eye on the children while cleaning up.  If you’re looking to sell, try to keep your home as open as possible.


-    Outdoor Living Spaces

o    A nice patio or outdoor fireplace adds a lot of value to your home. People want to be able to enjoy a meal or company outside comfortably.


-    Curb Appeal

o    This usually isn’t a make-or-break part of the deal, but it definitely draws people in! Keep up with basic landscaping and give the siding a power wash before listing your home to draw in the most people from the internet and street.


-    Bargains

o    The Oklahoma City/ Edmond market is definitely moving upward. Therefore, buyers have the advantage of being specific in what they want. They want a clean, well maintained house.  And while you’re at it, make sure you stage it as well.


Need more tips on selling your home? Check out some articles here or look at how my marketing plan can help sell your house the quickest and for the best price!


Buying a House- By The Numbers!

Your ideal neighborhood!

How do you know where your ideal neighborhood is located? Make sure to consider some of the following tips to narrow down your choices of houses to consider making your home!


- Proximity to jobs-  

   If you can't be close to your place of work, at least try to make sure to be close to a highway or roads with easy access to your work. 

- Proximity to schools- 

   If you have school aged children, you know you want to be close to their school. However, you also what to look at other factors such as- could they walk to school? Where's the closest intersection for a bus stop? Is there a sidewalk leading there? Not too much traffic? 

 - Gathering places- 

   Where are you headed on the weekends? Are you going downtown? To the Jazz Lab? Or to a friend's for dinner? Although it might not rule a house out for you, you will want to consider if you're near the things you love! 

-Good Neighbors-

   Not literally. Well, while you should wish to have great neighbors (who doesn't?) I'm talking about their houses! Check out the other houses in your neighborhood to see how they've aged, how they're taken care of. You'll be glad you did when you go to sell! 

-Extracurricular Needs For Your Family-

   Be sure to make a list of what is important to YOU. Do you want a park? Walking trails? Be close to friends? 

Only you know what neighborhood will be best for you. Think about it. Make a list. And look at some houses! Good luck!